False Claims Act

Qui tam cases alleging violations of the False Claims Act remain red hot in today’s climate.  The Federal government continues to use the FCA both as shield against those seeking
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Bottom Line Up Front:  OCI exists when work performed by a contractor on a federal contract may: (a) result in an unfair competitive advantage for the contractor; or (b) impair
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Bottom Line Up Front: A recent decision by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (“ASBCA”) clearly demonstrates that federal contractors will lose (or the very least put at
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The SBA Inspector General recently determined that over $400 million in small business awards were awarded to firms that were not eligible small businesses at the time of award.  These
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Veridyne Corp., an 8(a) small business concern, was subject to fraud and false statement claims by the U.S. Department of Transportation (UDOT) for undervaluing an estimate to perform a task
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