Join me on Friday, November 10, 2017 to discuss the impact of the Small Business Administration’s All Small Mentor Protégé Program on the Design-Build Community.  My program is part of the Design-Build Institute of America’s Conference & Expo (Philadelphia, PA).

The impact of design-build in the public sector is well documented.  Federal agencies are increasingly employing integrated delivery services on government construction projects.

Now, the rise of design-build is coupled with the new opportunities (and challenges) presented by the Small Business Administration’s “All Small” Mentor-Protégé Program.  The Program opens the door to allow any small business to partner with a large contractor-mentor.  Together, the mentor-protégé team can chase contracts previously reserved for performance by only small businesses.  In a nutshell, contractors have unprecedented access to contracts of increasing size, scope, and complexity.

The presentation will cover best practices for forming winning designer-contractor teams.  We will walk through the Federal regulations that govern teaming arrangements and take an intensive look at the All Small Program and all of its implications.

The session will also cover the risks and rewards of teaming arrangements for contractors.  For example, we will explore the proper way for teaming partners to deal with potentially tricky issues of compensation and risk allocation.  How should teaming partners divide the cost savings on a successful project?  What about how to shoulder losses if the project fails to meet the team’s expectations?

Finally, the program will cover the special considerations of small business teams – from both the small and large business perspective. The U.S. Small Business Administration provides special rules and regulations that apply only to teams involving small businesses.  Failure to follow these rules can lead to major compliance problems and even False Claims Act liability.

If you are unable to attend the conference in person, please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions.