SBA Size Protests and Appeals

Small business owners need to be aware of the simple, proactive measures that are available right now to avoid headaches down the road.

One prime example is properly maintaining your
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Small business owners must always be mindful of what it means to be “small” in the world of government contracting.  After all, losing that small business size status means losing
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Under the Small Business Administration’s regulations, two firms may partner as a joint venture to perform a small business set-aside contract, provided that each partner is a small business
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Our Blog often covers issues associated with government contracts protests (like, for example, protests at the GAO, Court of Federal Claims, and size protests at the SBA
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The Small Business Administration recently denied an appeal by a disqualified joint venture on a small business set-aside contract.  The SBA found that — even though the JV was able
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Today we review more evidence reminding small business owners to get their house in order when it comes to questions of “ownership and control” in the eyes of the Small
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Size protests filed with the SBA are a “low risk-high reward” method of attacking small business set-aside competition if you think the contract awardee is actually other than small.  Protests
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