SBA Size Protests and Appeals

Under the Small Business Administration’s regulations, two firms may partner as a joint venture to perform a small business set-aside contract, provided that each partner is a small business under the size standard assigned to the contract.  But, a recent SBA decision highlights the fact that simply entering into a joint venture does not

Our Blog often covers issues associated with government contracts protests (like, for example, protests at the GAO, Court of Federal Claims, and size protests at the SBA).  The point of those posts is to highlight ways that disappointed offerors can “get back in the game” by challenging an improper award made

Small business owners have lots of items on their to-do lists.  In addition to actually running the business, there are many administrative tasks required to make sure that you meet the applicable small business size standards and maintain those standards year-after-year (in order to avoid, or at least minimize, vulnerability to an SBA size

The Small Business Administration recently denied an appeal by a disqualified joint venture on a small business set-aside contract.  The SBA found that — even though the JV was able to show evidence of an SBA-approved mentor-protégé agreement — the agreement was expired at the time the JV bid for the contract.  The lack of

The question of qualifying as a small business often considers whether an individual owns and controls her own business.  While proper ownership is one type of hurdle– what do you do when you have a stake in not just one, but multiple businesses?  To protect your small business status, you have to start by

Today we review more evidence reminding small business owners to get their house in order when it comes to questions of “ownership and control” in the eyes of the Small Business Administration.  Failing to plan can mean lost contracts and – even worse – losing your small business status and the opportunity for lucrative set-aside

Size protests filed with the SBA are a “low risk-high reward” method of attacking small business set-aside competition if you think the contract awardee is actually other than small.  Protests can be filed by just about any small business concern (so long as the challenger was an offeror on the contract) and have an extremely

We often look at GAO bid protest timing as a complex and strictly enforced issue.  Today: a reminder that all protests – including size protests filed with the Small Business Administration – carry deadlines with the potential to end your protest before it even begins.

Traditional SBA size protests have two primary deadlines:

·         In