Small Business Affiliation

The SBA’s new “small business mentor-protégé program” is causing quite a stir.  As we covered yesterday, the new final rule opens the door for all small businesses (not just those in the 8(a) program) to receive assistance from large business mentors – and more importantly – to form mentor-protégé joint ventures to compete for

The future is now for government contractors.  A new Small Business Administration (SBA) regulation finalizes the long-anticipated expansion of the small business mentor-protégé program.  This major policy shift vastly expands access to set-aside contracts previously reserved for performance only by small businesses.  Government contractors – both small and large – need to create a

For small businesses, understanding the Small Business Administration’s rules concerning affiliation is vital for establishing and maintaining a certain size threshold.  Relationships that are deemed too close by the SBA can lead to a finding of affiliation and, ultimately, the loss of the ability to chase set-aside work.

The rules of affiliation are notoriously ambiguous. 

The question of qualifying as a small business often considers whether an individual owns and controls her own business.  While proper ownership is one type of hurdle– what do you do when you have a stake in not just one, but multiple businesses?  To protect your small business status, you have to start by

Last week, I once again had the pleasure of presenting at the Design-Build Institute of America’s Federal Project Delivery Symposium in Washington, DC.  I was joined on the panel by Reggie Jones (the Chair of Fox Rothschild’s Government Contracts practice) and Michael Daniels of W.M. Jordan.  Our presentation from last year on the

Size protests filed with the SBA are a “low risk-high reward” method of attacking small business set-aside competition if you think the contract awardee is actually other than small.  Protests can be filed by just about any small business concern (so long as the challenger was an offeror on the contract) and have an extremely