Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

Bid protests come with many moving parts and issues to consider.  From documenting the government’s error, to scheduling a debriefing, to figuring out how and when to file — time can start to move pretty quickly.

While all of those issues are undoubtedly important – we here at Fox find that it is best to

Bottom Line Up Front: A recent decision by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (“ASBCA”) clearly demonstrates that federal contractors will lose (or the very least put at risk) their legitimate claims for payment or extra costs when they commit fraud on a federal contract, even when the claims for payment or extra

Bottom Line Up Front:  It is hard to get through a large-scale construction project without hitting a bump in the road in the form of dispute between the owner, general / prime contractor, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, and so on.  Construction projects have tight deadlines and multiple moving parts, which tends to breed costly and time-consuming

As a contractor on a federal project, how often do you interact with the agency’s contracting officer?  Given the state of today’s understaffed acquisition workforce, the answer is probably not very often, if at all.  Instead, you more often find yourself dealing with a varied cast of characters during contract performance – including CORs, COTRs,

Today, a question for federal contractors:  Did you know that there is a way to “speed up” your claims under the Contract Disputes Act?  In his recent publication, Reggie Jones, a partner in Fox Rothschild’s Washington, D.C. Office and the Chair of our Government Contracts Practice Group explains that there is – and that